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I Bought You a Horse?

"The wildest colts make the best horses" - Plutarch

To Fence a Dragon

There are some things in this world that just don't react well to being controlled: fighter pilots, fission, free people, and... dragons, Putting fences around Honor was like trying to bathe a 1-ton house cat. But horses need fences, They require fences not to keep them from destroying the world, but to keep them from destroying themselves out in the world. Right? ... Right? Nature made the horse; man invented fences. Keep that in your back pocket.


June 2011

Welcome Home

It's he majestic? Isn't he placid and content? Yeah, all of these photos are bullshit. They took hours--the sun was far higher in the sky when I started to attempt these. But he was so exhausted from running laps that he just didn't have anything left in the tank. Here I was, though, so enamored with horse ownership, that I had to have some of those majestic photos horse-types are always plastering all over social media. I just don't know many horse-types who have to lunge their horse for 2 hours to get photos.


What. Have. I. Done?

June 2011

The other photos are lost to the library of Alexandria, but I do still have these.

She laughed. I mean... it's a pretty good joke, I suppose. But I'm not sure who or what was the joke here. Was she laughing at me... or...

Pick your punchline, I'm easy.


June, 2011


I was legit trembling while taking this photo. I had zero comfort around horses. They're huge. They have a mind of their own. This one also doubled as an IED with a hair trigger. Also, I wasn't kidding about his "Nikki Sixx" mane.



Some more photos

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

house (2)

The Dragon Cage

June 2011

On the bright side, he couldn't fly. Neighbors would have hated us.


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