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Your Horse

"Show me your horse, and I will tell you what you are." -English Proverb

The Sound[track] of Madness

Laughter is not the best medicine. It's just a drug and not medicinal at all, in fact. But it's a hell of a coping mechanism. It shuttles us from one shitty moment to the next in a fun-to-drive sports car offering us easy exits along the introspective highway leading to humorless demons. Often times, the more ridiculous the humor, antics, or choice of subject, the deeper the rumblings beneath the wheels. And sometimes we blast laughter and loud music over the top of those rumblings to drown them out. We force a soundtrack and laughtrack over the churning din of the inevitable that shudders the ground and lurks ominous over the horizon. Eventually the drugs wear off.

But in truth... the rumble was always the soundtrack.


June 2011

Angry Pony

The ears don't do him justice. They were constantly on swivel, but when he would dart away from his "corner" (to the right just out of frame), he would pin his ears and rocket around the paddock until his heart blasted warning sirens to his brain. His whinny was fingernails on a chalkboard, screeching like an off-pitch opera aria trying to shatter glass. Might as well have. He broke everything else.

June 2011

Done for the day.

This is the first video ever taken of Honor. It was just a couple days after he plowed through the cross-fence seen behind him. It's not much of a video, but it is, historically, the first. We hadn't had a chance to take down the posts yet after he creatively decorated the paddock with wire garland in a metallic avant garde masterpiece.

Honor's Track

June, 2011

And He's Off!

Arrows for clarity. The Bruce Lee theatrics in the paddock's center stage were nothing less than epic. I'm not sure whom or what he was fighting, or if he won or lost, but the fight was both valiant and violent. I'm really satisfied that I at least had the wherewithal to get a dragon without wings. I'd otherwise still be paying property damage restitution. 

Adieu fair Cross Fence. We'll all miss you.... except Honor. He didn't miss you.


June, 2011

Home on the Range






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