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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” - Leo Tolstoy

Of Dark and Light

The picture below was "our" corner. Not only did this picture capture the moment we had our first day in our corner, but it's a wonderful representation of what was to come. I spent hours right there with him, sitting up on the top rail, with either his head in my lap, his mouth on my shoes. I don't know what happened in his mind that day. I don't know what caused him to flip so abruptly. But whatever happened, whatever he chose, he stopped looking at his shadow.


July 2011


I didn't know anything about horses. Maybe he didn't know anything about people and that's why it clicked. Whatever it was, it was this moment that forever changed us both.


See the white barrel? Yeah, that's his soccer ball. He'd nose it and kick it all over the field and sometimes run at it, inevitably tripping over it and doing a pony-cartwheel. WHEEEEE.

June, 2011

Let's Play a Game

Asleep or dead? You decide.


June, 2011


If it wasn't nailed down, it was either a toy or a weapon. Have you ever been chased by a Thoroughbred wielding a giant blue bucket? Shit is terrifying.

It was as if he had never played in his entire life and was urgently trying to make up for lost ground.


To make matters worse, I didn't know how to play with a horse, so I'd take the jolly ball out of his mouth and chuck it, expecting him to... you know... fetch. *shrug* Works for dogs, right?

Instead, he just watched the ball sail away into the paddock and then looked back to me as if to say, "You're an asshole Tim. I brought that all the way over to show you, and you just chuck it."



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