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“All the tales of miracles, with which the Old and New Testament are filled, are fit only for impostors to preach and fools to believe.” - Thomas Paine


I sat in this spot for hours and hours on end, mostly with just Honor trying to climb into my lap. But after the addition of the newcomers (Sugar to the left, Ned to the right), the corner got even more crowded. Who knew that horses were so damn cuddly?

The Blanket

The podcast speaks to him far better than the photos, but you can see, he's a flashy bit of chrome and horsepower. What a fantastic creature.


Honor and Hottie

How anything could *not* love Honor is beyond me. But this little terror found it in her blackest of hearts to despise him. Notice in the background of the second photo how the bucket is up on the top rail, where I normally sat. The last photo is Missi, presumably watching me chase a pissed pony around the paddock so my ribby colt could get calories into his body. As well as Willoway, being the old farm wolf he was.



Insightful side stories, mindless meanderings, dog pics, and a one-stop shop on how to dad while knowing nothing.

Occasionally I say things. @ me, and I'm 47% more likely to say things.

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I too, like 4 billion others, am quick to sign over my privacy to conflicted, untrustworthy mega-institutions capable of mass manipulation.